YouTube Creators Can Now Cut Their Longer Videos Into Shorts

On July 28th, YouTube unveiled a new feature that lets creators easily convert their long-form videos into short-form videos in an effort for more people to utilize Shorts.


  • Convert up to 60 seconds of your current videos into Shorts.
  • You’re able to shoot additional footage with the Shorts camera if needed.
  • Shorts created using this feature will link back to the original long-form video.

Strategic Implications

With virtually every major social media platform adopting some sort of short-form video, this is a pretty good move from Google.

If you’re not already in the Shorts game, you need to start creating content ASAP. It’s another avenue for you to expand your reach.

Also, let’s face it, in order to keep the attention of today’s dopamine-addicted users, short-form content is a must.

Cyrille Aragon

Cyrille Aragon

Digital marketer with a passion for spreading the gospel. When I'm not working, I'm writing, lifting, or training Muay Thai.

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