Universal Analytics Is Going Away in 2023

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On March 16th, Google posted on their Analytics Help Center that on July 1st, 2023, Universal Analytics will stop processing new hits, effectively making it useless. You’ll still be able to view historical data for a few months after that.


  • You’ll have no other choice but to switch to GA4.
  • Your UA data will be deleted some time after UA becomes unusable.

Strategic Implications

If you haven’t already, you need to hop on Google Analytics 4 (GA4) ASAP. GA4 can run at the same time as Universal Analytics, so now is the perfect time to start gathering data with GA4. By the time UA stops processing new hits, you’ll have roughly a year’s worth of data data in GA4 to work with.

Universal Analytics going away may impact your Google Ads accounts and your Data Studio reports, so make sure to check on those as well.

Cyrille Aragon

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