TikTok’s Got Some New Shopping Ad Formats

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In a push to bring immersive experiences to its users, TikTok is testing new shopping ad formats.


Let’s briefly go over each one.

1. Video Shopping Ads

Video Shopping Ads show in your For You page (FYP) and it includes a product card with a call-to-action.

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Upon clicking on the CTA, the user will be sent to a landing page that TikTok creates, according to Search Engine Journal.

Photo credits: TikTok

2. Catalog Listing Ads

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Promote your catalog all over TikTok, no video assets needed!

Photo credits: TikTok

3. Live Shopping Ads

With Live Shopping Ads, you’re able to have a product card during your livestream. This lets you showcase products and potentially answer any questions users may have in real time.

I foresee this becoming an extremely powerful weapon in an advertiser’s arsenal.

Photo credits: TikTok

What do I do?

If you’re an ecommerce retailer that sells relatively low consideration items, think t-shirts, makeup, and other small trinkets, you should definitely test this out.

Just from what I’ve seen so far, it definitely looks more engaging than your regular Google Shopping ads (even its upgrade to Performance Max doesn’t seem to make them more engaging, it just puts them in more places).

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