Google Ads Rolls Out Enhanced Conversions For Leads

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Google Ads recently rolled out Enhanced Conversions for Leads.


Enhanced Conversions let’s you send first-party data, like email addresses or phone numbers, to Google to help improve offline conversion measurement.

In Google’s own words:

“When a customer completes a conversion on your website, you may receive first-party customer data such as an email address, name, home address, and/or phone number. This data can be captured in your conversion tracking tags, hashed, sent to Google in its hashed form, and then used to enhance your conversion measurement.”

Google Ads Help

Now, this is how Enhanced Conversions for Leads works:

  1. Let’s say you’re a dentist and you have a website where potential patients (leads) can schedule an appointment to see you. You run Google Ads to bring people to your site.
  2. A potential patient who clicked through your ad then explores your website and decides they want to schedule an appointment with you. Your website has an appointment scheduler form that let’s users do just that.
  3. When a potential patient provides their information and submits the form, this information is sent to Google and tracked as a conversion within Google Ads.
  4. When the form is submitted, you also store the information in your CRM system.
  5. When the potential patient physically goes into your office to get services completed, they have officially become your customer. You can then upload this information to Google Ads. This uploaded information will be matched to the information that was sent to Google in Step 3 of this example.

Bam, your online conversion is matched to your offline sale, bridging the gap between your digital marketing and in-store efforts.

Utilizing Enhanced Conversions for Leads allows you to give Google better data which in turn can lead to improved performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

If you hated my example, Google made a neat infographic to help visualize this new feature.

google ads enhanced conversions for leads infographic
Enhanced Conversions for Leads Infographic, Credit: Google

Strategic Implications

If your business relies on generating leads and then completing the sale sometime afterward, you 1000% need to implement this. Google has made it super easy to configure and it can lead to increased performance of your Google Ads campaigns. This is a no-brainer.

Off the top of my head, here are some business types that could benefit from Enhanced Conversions for Leads:

  • Doctors, dentists
  • HVAC, plumbing, exterminators, other home services
  • Retailers with high consideration products like appliances, mattresses, cars, etc.

I’m sure there are others I didn’t list, but you get the point.

The steps for implementing Enhanced Conversions for Leads is linked here. Just scroll down a bit until you get to that section.

If you need help implementing this, let me know.

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